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Members of the Pop School & Stage Academy at Rooftop Studios, Stone, during previous performances...


Calling all ‘gleeks’!

With the second series of the global phenomenon that is Glee shortly set to embark on its second season in the UK, there’s growing excitement among fans of all ages. However, youngsters inspired by the all-signing, all-dancing antics of the US show choir will be delighted to discover that they can live the dream at a Staffordshire performing arts school.

At Rooftop Studios in Stone students can enrol at the Pop School & Stage Academy, where professional tutors will help draw out natural talent and nurture confident, accomplished performers. Classes take place every Saturday and run for three hours during which the students, split into groups according to age, spend 40 minutes each on singing, dance and drama. Following a short break the whole group comes together to focus on performance - so the core elements of the ‘show choir’ concept are covered in each session, as Rooftop Studios Principle Elaine Bird explains:

It’s fantastic that shows like Glee are encouraging more youngsters to take an interest in the performing arts. However, unlike in the US, our schools have less extra-curricular schemes available where students can participate in structured training. The Pop School & Stage Academy offers a fantastic opportunity for children to develop skills and confidence while, above all, having fun. Each year we work toward a major production that enables each and every student to showcase their skills, so there’s no better way for ‘gleeks’ to follow in the footsteps of their TV idols.”

While the Pop School and Stage Academy offers opportunities for students aged 8-18, younger children won’t feel left out – two ‘Little Luvvies’ classes, catering for 3-5yrs and 6-8yrs respectively also run on a Saturday.

For further information on the Pop School and Stage Academy, Little Luvvies or any of the other classes and activities offered at Rooftop Studios visit www.rooftopstudios.co.uk or call 01785 761233.


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