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Staffordshire ‘Fresh Air Gym’ launches residential weight-loss camps

With its regular monthly ‘Boot Camp’ courses boasting some 200 loyal members, Staffordshire based Fresh Air Gym has decided to step things up a level and host its first residential weight loss course. Aimed equally at those who wish to kick-start their weight loss campaign and those who simply want to up their fitness while trying out a host of new sports, the first 5 day / 4 night course will take place 25th-29th October at a location on the south coast.

Those who sign up will work with instructors Sally and Jamie to set their objectives for the week, taking part in a range of activities such as windsurfing, rock climbing and kayaking in addition to intensive ‘boot camp’ training sessions. Qualified weight management nutrition advisor Sally will also plan nutritional yet calorie controlled meals to help residents meet their goals; she says:

Having spoken to our regular boot campers, who are all seeing a massive difference in terms of weight loss and management, we noticed that there was a market for a more intensive, residential boot camp. The overall aim will be to make exercise fun and start residents on the path to a long-term lifestyle change where they genuinely enjoy keeping fit.

During the week no two days will be the same – while there will be daily strength, fresh air fitness and nutrition sessions, each day will also include two fun ‘adventure sport’ sessions where the group will get to try their hand at something new. As well as going home better educated as to how they can continue to see results through a balance of exercise and a nutritionally balanced diet, they’ll be inspired to continue exercising outdoors and maybe even take up a new hobby.”

For further details on the Fresh Air Gym’s residential weight loss courses visit www.thefreshairgym.co.uk or call Sally on 01543 579297.


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