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Want more from your workout? Take it outside...

While ‘quick fix’ exercise regimes and crash diets can do more harm than good there is one simple way you can reach your goals more quickly – just take your workout outside! Top reasons for outdoor workouts include:

Burn more calories - You'll burn more calories than equivalent activities in a gym so you'll see results quicker.

Tone up faster - You’ll encounter various weather conditions, inclines and uneven terrain – all of which help tone a greater range of muscle groups than training on machines (which often support the body or isolate muscle groups).

Work out anytime, anywhere - so there’s no need to halt your training when working away from home or on holiday.

Avoid the gym - Gyms can be intimidating and aren't always inspiring places to work out - providing penty of excuses not to go. Outdoor workouts mean you can avoid paying annual gym fees and won’t have an audience or a room full of mirrors to contend with.

Feel great - There’s nothing like the feeling of sinking into a hot bath after a tough outdoor workout – especially if it’s been raining! Being outdoors also increases your exposure to natural daylight which is great for boosting mood - you'll also feel more alert and find your sleep patterns improve.

To find out how Boot Camp by The Fresh Air Gym can kick-start your outdoor exercise regime call 01543 579297.

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