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Get MARINE FIT - are you up for the challenge?

Calling all fitness fanatics – there’s a new challenge in town that will help you push yourself to the limits – MARINE FIT from the Fresh Air Gym. If you either play regular sport or visit the gym and want to seriously up your game this four-week ‘Boot Camp’ style training course could be for you.

This ‘elite’ group is aimed at amateur athletes and fitness fans with a good, all round level of fitness and a desire to push themselves to the limit to see real results. ‘Marine Fit’ represents a natural progression for the Cannock-based Fresh Air Gym, which now has over 100 members from the Cannock, Stafford, Lichfield and Wolverhampton areas, as instructor Jamie explains:

We’ve been up and running for almost six months now and, while we have constant demand from people who want to either lose a lot of weight or who need to start their fitness training at a low level and work their way up, we’re also getting interest from people like keen amateur footballers who want to be able to perform at their very best.

“This interest, combined with the fact that some of our advanced members have improved their fitness to a level that we need to really ‘up the game’ has led us to launch Marine Fit – it’s going to be a challenge for all concerned; the idea is to push yourself to the limit and reach your own peak level of physical fitness – we’re really looking forward to it!

Weekday evening sessions take place at 8.15pm at St Luke’s Primary School in Cannock, with an emphasis on toning and endurance training while Saturday morning sessions take place in Huntingdon, Cannock, where the session will go ‘off piste’ with focus on all-terrain training and hill work.

A month’s Boot Camp costs £60 – working out at £5 a session which is fantastic value when you consider you are, in effect, getting intensive personal training during your workout. For further details on all levels of Boot Camp, from beginners through to Marine Fit, visit www.thefreshairgym.co.uk or call Sally on 01543 579297.