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Get ‘beach buff’ or ‘bikini body perfect’ with The Fresh Air Gym!

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities look so great on the beach, the answer is: through a lot of hard work! Those who are perfectly honed and toned without putting in hours of exercise and eating a healthy diet are few and far between. But with cash to burn and looking great part of their job description, celebrities tend to have a team of helpers that includes personal trainers, nutritionists and stylists behind the scenes helping to keep them looking their best.

But if, as a mere mortal, you think the time and expense involved with getting and maintaining a great beach body this summer is out of your reach – you’re wrong.

By joining an intensive ‘Boot Camp’ course with Staffordshire’s very own ‘The Fresh Air Gym’, you can give yourself a real chance of getting your body in top condition this summer – and give your confidence a real boost along the way. With each ‘Boot Camp’ course lasting a month you’ll take part in a total of twelve 45 minute sessions of intensive exercise (or three sessions a week), with instructors Jamie and Sally providing you with the kind of support and encouragement celebs get from their personal trainers.

When you sign up you’ll be given a full induction and Sally and Jamie with discuss what you want to achieve and help you set realistic goals. They’ll even offer tips on diet and nutrition and on how you can help boost your Boot Camp performance by putting in extra sessions at home. And, with no two sessions the same, you certainly won’t get bored (boredom is one of the main reasons conventional gyms don’t work for everyone!) – from intensive circuit training to running and assault courses, the workouts will be designed to work your whole body and increase your overall fitness.

And if you sign up now, you’ll have plenty of time to look your best by the time summer comes around, as instructor Jamie explains:

Now is the perfect time to start getting yourself ready for summer – our Spring boot camp starts on the 20th of April, so it’s ideal for burning off those extra Easter calories and kick starting a new, healthier way of life. Whether you just want to tone up a little, feel fitter or lose a fair amount of weight we can help you meet your goals. We’ve had members who’ve dropped three dress sizes in the space of just two months – so by the time the ‘Barbeque summer’ we’re promised comes around, you could be looking your best ever.”

The Fresh Air Gym holds its training sessions at St Luke’s Primary School, New Penkridge Rd, Cannock. For further details on Boot Camp, visit www.thefreshairgym.co.uk or call Sally on 01543 579297.