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Sharp's 'Super-Kreem Toffee' tin, est. £80-£120
Jacob's Coronation Coach tin, which is expected to achieve between £50 - £80.

Interesting range of collectors’ tins set to come under the hammer

An interesting selection of some 200 collectors’ tins, divided into over 50 lots, is set to come under the hammer at Staffordshire auction house Cuttlestones’ Collectors’ Sale on Friday 3rd December. Tins became a particularly popular way of storing goods such as coffee, biscuits, tobacco and toffee for sale in the 1860s when steam powered presses made their mass production possible. Their popularity as collectors’ items is thanks, in part, to the vast array of attractive designs that hark back to the golden era of advertising.
Among the lots are tins from famous brands that include Huntley & Palmers of Reading together with household names that still resonate today - like Nuttall's, Jacobs and MacVities - in addition to some very rare examples.

Highlights include a Sharp's ‘Super Kreem Toffee’ tin, est. £80 - £120 which features the brand’s mascot ‘Mr Kreemy Knut’ with his monocle and cane and a Jacob's Coronation Coach tin, which is expected to achieve between £50 - £80.

The tins make up just one section of a diverse catalogue that is set to come under the hammer at the Friday, 3rd December Collectors’ sale from 10am. The full catalogue will be available to view online at www.cuttlestones.co.uk from Friday, 26th November and, with live online bidding available courtesy of www.the-saleroom.com, international interest is once again anticipated. For more information visit www.cuttlestones.co.uk or call 01785 714905.



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