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Ten green bottles provide a glimpse of Stone’s brewing heritage...

At Staffordshire auction house Cuttlestones the question will be when the auction hammer will fall on a set of ten green bottles - as opposed to when they’ll accidentally fall off the wall!

Just consigned for auction a collection of ten bottles, six of which carry the brand of Stone’s historic Joules Brewery, is expected to cause quite a stir at the 3rd December Collectors’ Sale. The other four bottles in the collection, which brings into focus Staffordshire’s proud brewing heritage, are branded for a Stafford wine merchant.

But it is the Joules bottles that are expected to generate the most interest. Established in Stone in 1780 by Francis Joule, the brewery was later sold to Liverpool brewers John Parrington, Thomas Harding and John Harding but retained its Stone base; from which the business thrived throughout the second half of the nineteenth century.

The brewery’s slogan “And by Joules it's good” adorned advertisements across the country during the firms ‘golden era’; with exports being made as far afield as Europe and the US. However, by the mid 20th Century, the brewery became increasingly affected by the emerging brewing superpowers and, in 1970, was sold to Bass Charrington. Production ceased just four years later and the site of the old brewery is now home to the Somerfield arcade car park.

All of the Joules bottles are embossed with the words ‘Joule Stone’ and one has a stopper intact bearing the brewery’s trademark cross alongside the words ‘Joules Stone’. While the exact age of the bottles is unknown they are believed to date from the 19th Century.

Auctioneer Dave Eglington says:

We were immediately interested when one green bottle bearing the Joules brand was bought in for valuation, as the company has such strong local resonance. However, when ten green bottles, all in excellent condition, were unwrapped we couldn’t quite believe it. This is a great little collection for beer and brewing enthusiasts, those with a passion for local history and collectors of old advertising and packaging; so we’re anticipating strong interest from a diverse range of bidders.”

The Joules brewery bottles are set to come under the hammer at Cuttlestones’ next Collectors’ Sale on Friday, 3rd December. For further information on the lot call 01785 714905 or email office@cuttlestones.co.uk. Full details of the lot, along with other items in the Collectors’ Sale, will be available at www.cuttlestones.co.uk a week before the sale.



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