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Invest in your own ‘Cracking Antiques’ – and do your bit for the environment, too!

If you’ve been watching the BBC’s new TV show ‘Cracking Antiques’ and love the unique styles the team has been coming up with to help furnish people’s homes you’ll be aware of how great an eclectic mix of furniture and fittings can look in a room – and the fact that you can pick up statement pieces that’ll hold (or increase) their value over time.

But the benefit of buying antique furniture doesn’t end here – antiques are also very ‘green’ – in fact, they are the original way of ‘recycling’! So, with the environment high on the political and social agenda, what better way to boost your efforts than by investing in antiques to furnish your home - and enjoying the added benefits of a beautiful home furnished in your own unique style and a collection of furniture that could be a sound investment for the future?

For those keen to take a leaf out of the ‘Cracking Antiques’ book, but who aren’t sure where to start, Ben Gamble, MD and head auctioneer at Staffordshire auction house Cuttlestones, proud supporters of the national ‘Antiques are Green’ campaign, has some sage advice:

The antiques trade has always been way ahead of the game when it comes to recycling – even before it became fashionable! Joking aside, collecting antiques can be a great hobby; not only do you help do your bit for the environment but you can furnish your home in a truly unique style – think Kirstie’s home-made home rather than Ikea identikit – and, if you buy wisely and look after your pieces, they could pay dividends in the future when you come to sell them on.

The important thing to remember is that buying at auction is fun. Many people are worried the first time they attend an auction – either that they’ll bid by mistake on something they don’t want or that there will be an unfriendly atmosphere – but you really needn’t worry. Another misconception is that antiques are prohibitively expensive. This is not necessarily the case and we still see plenty of ‘bargains’ going through our sale room that, if in a London shop, would probably have a couple of zeros added to the ticket price! If you want to ease yourself into the world of auctions gently why not come along to our fortnightly general sales – there’s always a great range of items on sale, from vintage pieces and white goods to modern three piece suites and dining sets – you never know what bargains you might pick up!

For further details on Cuttlestones’ auctions and sale dates visit www.cuttlestones.co.uk or call 01785 714905. For further information on the ‘Antiques are Green’ campaign, visit www.antiquesaregreen.org